Friday, February 10, 2006

Wine and Sex

Food and wine are not the only pairings. Wine and occasions also have a long standing tradition. Champagne, or any sparkling wine for Valentine's Day, is what immediately springs to mind. But what about after the sparkling wine, the dinner, and the sparkling conversation?

It turns out that wine can also be paired to activities. Chardonnay is great for early evening get-togethers, and as the night turns long and the conversation turns deep, nothing goes better with philosophy than a glass of well aged Vintage Port. But what about sex? What wine goes with sex?

Sparkling wines again come to mind, and they are refreshing between bouts. Still, what about the act itself?

Dessert wines. Sticky, sweet, luscious, and ever so lick-able.

Narrowing down the list depends on taste, and what you are planning to taste.

Strawberries do best with a highly alcoholic and heady wine like a fortified Orange Muscat. There are some nice examples from California, with the French Muscat de Beaumes de Venise being a prime old world example.

Chocolate begs for Black Muscat. Harder to find, but the Elysium from Quady is reasonably common, and is one of the best.

I am not sure what you would be doing with nuts, or something sweet and vaguely nutty, like a creme brulee - and I wouldn't dream of asking for details - but here you would opt for a nice Tawny Port, the older the better. A budget alternative can be one of the "ports" from Australia.

Apricots and figs add a classic touch to your romp, and a nice Late Harvest Riesling would add even more dimensions.

And finally, while honey itself may be too sweet for most wine accompaniments, a good Sauternes and the right frame of mind can do wonders.

This Valentines day (or any day you want to make special) look at desert wine through a new light, and suggest something sweet to your sweetheart.


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